The transmission efficiency is up to 90%, new breakthrough in wireless charging

Published by Jadena September 08,2021

Wisdom News on July 29, according to US media Tech Xplore, recently, researchers at Aalto University in Finland designed a new type of wireless charging system that can charge multiple devices at the same time.
The researchers designed the antenna coil, the core part of the transmitter in the wireless charging system, to realize that the wireless charging system does not need to locate the charging device first, and can charge directly. It can also automatically adjust the charging direction when the device moves.

The research paper titled "Self-tuning Omnidirectional Wireless Power Transfer using Double Toroidal Helix Coils" was published on July 21 in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics.

The purpose of wireless charging is to let smart devices get rid of the limitation of charging lines and reduce the impact of insufficient power when people use smart devices.
At present, in addition to scientific researchers studying wireless charging, many mobile phone manufacturers have also begun to develop their own wireless charging solutions, such as Xiaomi and OPPO. With the implementation of various new wireless charging solutions, people's lives will be more convenient.