Cool and Popular!! Wireless Charging Mobile Phone Holder

Published by Jadena September 08,2021

How to use mobile navigation safely while driving?

  The car holder solves the problem of mobile phone placement, but cannot solve the problem of mobile phone charging, especially when navigating with two mobile phones, which is particularly inconvenient.

  At this time, the wireless charging car holder becomes just needed, and with it, the two major problems of mobile phone placement and navigation are solved in one fell swoop. Infrared induction control is adopted. As long as the mobile phone is pushed up, the start switch will be triggered immediately, and the clamping arms on both sides will be closed immediately, and the mobile phone will be automatically clamped. The triggering speed of the switch is very fast. After the power is connected, the red indicator light is always on, and the LED indicator light will also light up on the wireless charging panel, which is full of technology. It can also help car owners find a wireless car charger at a glance when it's dark.

  Infrared induction, automatic retractable, automatic adjustment can be realized between taking and taking, no extra steps are required. The rhythm is well controlled, and the whole action is smooth and flowing, and it feels like changing a car.

  The clamping stability is also very high, and the mobile phone can still remain stable during daily driving, bumps or corners.
  The back of the bracket is designed with a universal ball connection, which can be adjusted flexibly. When driving navigation, you can adjust to the best viewing vision, and you need to ensure driving safety. At the same time, it can be viewed by the co-pilot and other people without moving the stand.


  On the whole, this wireless charging car holder is upright and elegant, and can be versatile with most car interiors; it is simple to install and fast to charge.
  In today's era when car mounts and car chargers have become standard equipment for cars, why not start with this high-powered, integrated car mount and wireless charging wireless charging car mount in one step!